Home Selling Checklist

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This is a list of things to do prior to selling your home!

  1. Hire a Real Estate Professional. I want to make this easy for you so look no further! I am highly skilled and highly motivated to sell your home promptly for the highest net return!
  2. Consider your curb appeal. If your grass is overgrown or you have an ugly dead bush, it is advisable to clean your yard. This is your best spot to get paid for sweat equity meaning you should mow the grass, paint the front door, and plant some pretty flowers.
  3. Declutter your living areas. Moving is a chore so begin before you sell. Start packaging your belongings in boxes and bins so they can be easily placed into storage. Buyers can be nosy so clean the cabinets, pantry, closets, and under your sink! Very good agents (like myself) will check the utility of the garbage disposal as well as check if the wood under the sink is soft. By having everything tidied it shows care for your beloved home.
  4. Depersonalize your space! This is tricky because what I might like, you might not. For instance in Southern Oregon we have many hunters and gun enthusiasts. We also have many anti-gun and pro animal rights enthusiasts. I am not here to protest but simply say that anything that can offend likely will offend someone and we do not want to distract potential buyers. Please know that if you have a large impressive Elk mount on your wall, it will not deter me or most buyers but if you have a dedicated room to taxidermy and political artwork it might be offensive to some (but never offensive to me)…
  5. Repaint walls to a neutral tone. If you have dated wallpaper, remove and repaint.
  6. Fix any loose handles on doors and cabinets. Also replace any lightbulbs. You would be surprised about the turn off of loose handles and out lights has on potential buyers.
  7. Touch up scuff marks from baseboards, cabinet doors, and light switches.
  8. CONDUCT A SMELL TEST. Replace your home HVAC filters and dust. Have an air freshener or flowers to insure a clean oder.
  9. Add some plants such as a bowl of fruit. Fresh flowers on the dining table give buyers a feel good feeling.
  10. CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN. Always keep the home clean because you never know when the buyer will show up. The buyer might see the home Tuesday at 11 am or Sunday after church. It is best to be organized and clean.
  11. Hide valuables. Place any jewelry and any treasures offsite or in a safe storage locations.
  12. Consider staging your home. Look at the Active MLS properties and emulate them. Less is better because it gives buyers a clean slate to envision their own life in the home. This also helps me prepare for the LISTING PHOTOS.


For the full list please check out Realtor.com for other helpful articles.


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