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Have you browsed zillow listings and laughed at the awful photos? I know that I have! After being in Real Estate sales for 6 years, I have seen almost everything. The scariest photos I have ever seen were from a foreclosed distressed home that appeared to be a crime scene. The worst photos I have ever seen must have been taken with an old flip phone, the tragedy is that the home was very nice and large. The best use of photoshop I have ever seen was when the image touchups were very obviously covering up mould and water damage!

These realizations all point out to one thing, hire a professional for REAL ESTATE PHOTOS! When we eat at fast food, the menu images are obviously dolled up so why wouldn’t we doll up your nice home before it goes for-sale? I hire a professional so they can use their trained eye to help us. Photography has came a long way from the old polaroid. Now we use HDR, High Dynamic Range Imaging. This makes dull images liven up! Professionals also know how to utilize lighting to capture the size and depth of space.

When you hire me to sell your home, I hire the professional photographers. To see some funny examples, please visit this article!



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  1. Thanks for your post on this blog site. From my own personal experience, occasionally softening way up a photograph could provide the photographer with a little bit of an artsy flare. More often than not however, this soft blur isn’t precisely what you had in mind and can often times spoil a normally good picture, especially if you consider enlarging that.

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